T-REX 600 crash kit (RCT0391-W)

T-REX 600 crash kit (RCT0391-W)
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Focus Shot1(Main Shaft) Focus Shot2(Feathering Shaft) Focus Shot3(Landing Skid Set)
Focus Shot4(Flybar Rod/440mm) Focus Shot5(Torque Tube Set)  
Focus Shot6(Trex 600 crash kit)
Instruction : Accessories:
Designed to get the Trex 600 back in the air with a minimum amount of fuss, the "Crash Kit" is a convienient and cost

effective package that contains the parts that commonly require replacement

Cost of separate parts: $ 40

You save $16.60 !!!!!!
"●Main shaft (Φ10x201x29.3mm)X 1 set
●Socket collar screw (M3x22mm)X2
●M3 nutX 2
●Feathering shaft (Φ6xΦ8x93.2mm)X 1
●Feathering shaft washer(Φ4xΦ11x1.7mm)X2
●Socket screw (M4x10mm)X2
●Torque tube
 X 1 set
●Bearing MR148ZZ (Φ8xΦ14x4mm)X1
●T-REX 600 Tail Boom x 1X 1
●Landing skid Set X1 set

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