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Heli-Kraft Online currently accepts the following payment methods:

We can only ship the order to the address we receive with your Paypal or credit card payment notices. Please note, for all credit card orders, charge card orders or debit card orders, there is no service surcharge.

While we do try to maintain a full inventory of items on our web site, in the event an item you wish to order is not in stock, you will be able to still complete your checkout and make the payment. The system may inform you which are the out of stock items. We will try to complete your orders soonest possible and have it shipped. In the unlikely event that something you bought becomes out of stock or due to some unforeseen circumstances are not available, we will email you a ticket from the helpdesk system to inform you of this.

We only charge a shipping charge once per order and will not charge you twice for orders containing backorders. You may cancel your backorders or request a refund for the backordered items at any time before your order is ready to ship. Please contact us prior to do this.




HeliKraft Online ships to all destinations covered by the EMS Postal Network. Orders which do not exceed the maximum dimensions and weight of the packaged box size restrictions as imposed by your local postal authority can be shipped to all International countries. Where the orders exceed the box size restriction, we will email you to propose other options. The current weight limit for all orders is 20 kgs (kilograms). Should your order be heavier than this limit, we will email you to propose other shipping solutions, some of which, may increase the shipping cost for you.

It is useful to note that most of all orders are shipped from Asian regions so shipping duration should take this in consideration.




We accept no responsibility for crash damage and/or loss of kits, engines, accessories, etc. incurred during operation of a radio-controlled model. In most cases it is very difficult or impossible to determine whether crash damage was actually due to radio equipment failure or to operator error. Also, we cannot be held responsible for any purchased components that are incorporated into radio systems or problems caused by incompatibility between radio components, parts, and repairs not completed by manufacturer. We also cannot be held directly responsible for quality issues of equipment, change in product appearances or spares provide by the manufacturers which are listed on our shopping cart.
All of the products we sell are intended for retail consumption by our customers and are not intended for resale.

1) We offer the lower value false invoice as a courtesy to customers, in some cases where the postal authority request for additional proof of package contents, we have to declare a higher value voluntarily as the postal authority is not going to be liable for damages to packages if we do not comply. It is not possible to assume we will always do this if you do not specify instructions in your order in the comments section.
2) When a lower value invoice or false invoice is created for your order, in so instructing us to make it, you, the customer release Helikraft and all of its staff of any responsibility such as damages to packages, loss of package or items missing from package.This is because, we hope to send all our packages insured for the full value of which they contain. A false invoice means the full value of the package cannot be insured and the insurance will only cover for the maximum value that is declared on the package. As only limited insurance can be purchased, you will not be able to get back anything more than the false value on the invoices created for you. We will not be able to compensate you anything further.
3) Please note, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that specific instructions to do this and its method be conveyed to us in the comments section at the time of placing the order. Sending us and email or helpdesk after an order has been placed, does not guarantee this action will be taken on the new instructions unless you get and email from the webstore updating the change or request for specific instructions in the order itself.
Goods shipped to customers may be subject to import taxes, in ordering from us, you are made aware of this and the customer is solely responsible for such taxes and relieve us of any responsibility to bear any cost of such taxes.
It has come to our attention that several postal agents have outsourced their delivery services to contractors who are trying to cover their own overheads by imposing a handling fee for customs clearance. While this is beyond our control as to how these foreign policies are manipulated, we will not be held responsible nor liable for any of such charges for any order. This surcharge if any is the sole reponsibility of the customer.

All prices, pictures and descriptions on this site and all other Heli-Kraft's articles are subject to change. HeliKraft Online maintains no responsibility for inadvertent errors. In the event of typographical errors on our site, Heli-Kraft reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders at its sole discretion.


Occasionally, we may have some promos or special offers which may include free shipping. In such cases, we reserve the right to choose the most economical method to ship orders and are subject to the disgression of the management. The shipping method you select during such free shipping offers will not be considered if there is a cheaper method.




Refunds are subject to the disgression of the management. Such refunds for any returned or unable to deliver package will be minimally subjected to shipping fees and a 10% restocking fee.






Please note as we only operate a mail order service, the service numbers above may not be manned at all times. If it is urgent, leave your telephone number and a short message and our sales reps will get back to you soonest they are available or you can use the same number to send us a fax.


Orders are shipped from Asia, so please consider the shipping time involved.


Please contact us if you require more information

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